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About MC Exotic

Mc Exotic is a Minecraft server designed to stand out from all the regular survival servers. We have all seen the regular vanilla generation, resource worlds, quests, and jobs. Although those features are great, which is why we do offer them, there is much more to the MCX Experience.


Our most proud achievement is our completely custom texture pack. We made every single GUI and prefix by scratch. All of these textures were created to be easily visable and appealing to the eye. You can look forward to new GUIs every time we release a crate!

Black Market

The black market is a shop full of unique and custom items. Items in the black market refresh every so often, as there is always limited supply of such items. As with any real black market, there is a chance to be scammed. Be careful or your pocket may be empty by the time you leave the shop!

Fantasy World Generation

Many may think that at first glance, someone created this world by hand. In this case, we used special customization and generation tools to create a completely custom and beautiful world that cannot be recreated! This world not only has custom biomes and trees, but colours! That's right, instead of the normal and boring green trees and grass, we have biomes that are orange, blue, pink, and yellow!

Personal Vaults

Most people have used backpacks on survival servers, but those often have limited space. Personal vaults or /pv can be infinite! Buy ranking up you earn more slots, and you can have multiple vaults as time goes on! These vaults are good for carrying extra building supplies, armour, or just random goodies that you can't fit in your inventory on long adventures.

Extra Storage

You may be thinking, didn't we just talk about that? Extra storage is very different from vaults. /es is used as an extra large inventory. Basically enabling you to set certain items to be picked up by the storage instead of going into your inventory. Extra storage is very useful, especially when going on long mining trips. For example, you can set the extra storage to pick up cobblestone, so now instead of having your inventory full of cobblestone, it will filter into your ES, giving you the ability to not only pick up other items, but grab the extra cobble stone afterwards.

Custom Currency (Tropicoins)

We have created our own currency called Tropicoins which look like this:96244f730aac2573512a757b827fbdaf34b76e10.pngTropicoins are used to buy premium items that would normally beonly purchasable on this store. Since we want everyone to have a fair shot to get some of the exclusive items, people can earn Tropicoins ingame to recive these premium perks! No way you can say we are P2W!

I'm so Confused!

That is okay! We know that the first few moments of joining the server can be confusing and overwhelming. This is why we created a Wiki for everyone to learn and get comfortable with all of our features. With that being said, 99% of our features are optional to use. You don't have to use anything you don't want to besides our core features like Towny, MCMMO, and Pyro.

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